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DVD Videos

Traps, Equipment and Modifications (condensed)
This 1 hour, 59 minute video was made by Charles Dobbins and Wayne Freebersyser. It contains vital information on modifying your traps to perform at their peak, plus be more humane to the animal.
Order #VTE
$35.00 Each
The Dirt Hole and its Variations
This 1 hour, 46 minute video was made by Charles Dobbins. There are over 50 years of experience in this video. It's crammed full of Dirt Hole technology which he has learned over his lifetime.
Order #VDH
$35.00 Each
Trap Modification
Dirt Hole Sets
The Variations of the Flat Set
This 1 hour, 57 minute video was made by Charles Dobbins. This video shows sets that have no dug holes to fill with water, blowing dirt, sand or leaves. Shows over a dozen ways of making flat sets.
Order #VFS
$35.00 Each
Flat Set
Open Water Beaver Trapping
This 1 hour, 50 minute video was made by Charles Dobbins and Wayne Freebersyser. Contains information on staking methods, good trap placement, snare placement, use of bait and lures, body grip use and so much more.
Order #VOW
$35.00 Each
Beaver Trapping
Summertime Beaver Control
This 1 hour, 37 minute video was made by Charles and Paul Dobbins. They show the sets which will work in the heat of the summer. Beaver habits change as their motivation changes during the summer months. This video shows how to take advantage of those motivators.
Order #VST
$35.00 Each
Beaver Control
Beaver Sites and Sets
This 1 hour, 49 minute video was made by Paul Dobbins while working his ADC contracts. This is a site-based video. Sites are evaluated and sets made according to what will work at each site. Use of footholds, snares and bodygrips are shown.
Order #VBS
$35.00 Each
Beaver Sets
Mink, Muskrat & Raccoon Trapping on Streams
This 1 hour, 20 minute video was made by Charles Dobbins. It shows and explains the sets and equipment used in trapping mink, muskrat and raccoon on streams. Good location, baits and lures are explained.
Order #VMM
$35.00 Each
Mink, Muskrat, Raccoon Trapping
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