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Dobbins' Amberette Musk Oil
Sweet alluring and good in any lure where MUSK is called for in full strength. Often mistaken for muskrat musk and used for the same purpose. Good for muskrat, beaver, raccoon, as well as fox when used in cut or ground bait.

Essential Oils

Order #OAM
$4.25 - One ounce
Dobbins' Ambergris Oil
An alluring fragrance that allows this product to be compatable as a mix ingredient in lures whose make-up materials are similar in odor or when used as a side attractant This can very well be an underlying odor that you have been looking for in your lure formulation.
Order #OAG
$5.00 - One ounce
Dobbins' Anise Oil
Special quality oil recommended for lure making. Good on muskrat, beavers and raccoon.
Order #OAN
$5.25 - One ounce
Dobbins' Canton Musk
A very high grade of canton musk and a greater cold weather lure ingredient. It's primary use is a fixitive. So effective is its ability to fix odors of other ingredients that it has been used successfully in formulated lures where beaver castor is the dominate odor. Recommended in lures formulated especially for canine.
Order #OCM
$12.75 - One ounce
Dobbins' Cheese Essence
A very loud and strong odor of blue cheese. Sometimes used as a call at canine sets. Its odor is very piercing, making it extremely valuable in bait compounds.
Order #OCH
$4.25 - One ounce
Dobbins' Cherry Essence Oil
Cherry essence is a useful ingredient attractive to muskrats, nutria and raccoon.
Order #OCR1
$5.00 - One ounce
Order #OCR4
$15.00 - Four ounces
Dobbins' Fennel Oil
A product of the carrot family resembling a celery stalk. One of the very finest lure ingredients of all time. Excels in formulation for raccoons, muskrats, and a very good addition to some beaver lures where castor is present.
Order #OFE
$6.00 - One ounce
Dobbins' Muscaro Musk Oil
Syrupy in consistency, viscous in cold weather. It's musky odor is highly attractive to most furbearers. Very well recommended in muskrat, raccoon, beaver, fox, coyote and wolf lures. Can be used straight.
Order #OMM
$6.50 - One ounce
Dobbins' Phenyl Acetic Acid
Honey like odor. Very good for raccoons as well as beavers.
Order #OPA
$4.75 - One ounce
Dobbins' Poplar Bud Oil
Excels for muskrat, beavers and raccoon. This assuredly is the very best food odor for the beavers.
Order #OPB
$5.25 - One ounce
Dobbins' Rhodium Oil
Mint like in odor, but is actually a by-product of ore. Used in formulation for muskrats, beaver, nutria and raccoon.
Order #ORH
$5.25 - One ounce
Dobbins' Rue Oil
A secret ingredient in old fox and wolf lures. It's primarily used as a mild fixative.
Order #ORU
$20.00 - One ounce
Dobbins' Pure Asafoetida Gum
Order #OPAG
$10.00 - One ounce
Dobbins' Asafoetida Tincture
A canine passion ingredient, put up in amber glass to protect the quality. The quality here is unsurpassed.
Order #OAS
$4.25 - One ounce
Dobbins' Asafoetida Gum in Rice Flour
A quality passion ingredient for lure making.
Order #OAF
$4.25 - One ounce
Dobbins' Authentic Ethiopian Civet Musk Tincture
Tinctured from Authentic Ethiopian Civet Musk paste.
Order #OEVMT
$22.00 - One ounce
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Dobbins' Authentic Ethiopian Civet Musk Paste
This highly sought after ingredient has finally become available, although limited in supplies.
Order #OECMP
$70.00 - One ounce
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Dobbins' Spearmint Oil
Very compatable as a mixer with other ingredients. Truly a fine muskrat lure as well as an odor for the raccoons.
Order #OSP
$4.75 - One ounce
Dobbins' Tonquin Musk Oil
This is the finest imitation tonquin that exists on the American market. It smells exactly like the authentic tonquin. This is a fixative product as well as a predominate odor, and when you use it, you will be awed at the classic result.
Order #OTO
$14.00 - One ounce
Dobbins' Valerian Extract Oil
This is not just a tincture, it is the oils derived from the plant itself. So rich in quality that it is being used by trappers as an ingredient in lure formulas as well as a straight lure product. Very Territorial!!!
Order #OVA
$5.25 - One ounce
Dobbins' White Musk Oil
This is a synthetic musk that has a great value in the trappers lure formulas. There is a positive reaction to this product for fox and coyote, as well as mink and raccoon.
Order #OWM
$4.75 - One ounce

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