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Trapping Supplies

Split Rings
These split rings are the ticket for attaching your traps to earth anchors to make for easy replacement of contaminated traps.
Split Rings
Order #SPR
$4.50 - Dozen
Universal Swivels
These swivels include two rivets.
Order #SSWV
$4.45 - Dozen
Order #SPRB
$32.00 - 100
Order #SSWV1
$32.95 - 100
Standard Swivels
Universal Crunch Proof Swivels
These heavy duty swivels include two rivets.
Order #HVSV
$5.75 - Dozen
Order #HVSV1
$45.90 - 100
Crunch proof Swivels
Quick Links
These handy fasteners are 3/16" thick links that open by unscrewing the cap screw and screw back to secure.
Quick Link
Order #QLD
$5.00 - Dozen
Order #QLH
$37.00 - 100
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Terminator Triggers
A bolt on assembly trigger that is Tension Adjustable. The trigger wires are stainless steel and are impervious to acidic or salt water. The trigger wires are factory dipped for camouflage purposes and are black in color. The trigger wires are 8" long, and can be bent into any position desired. These triggers will also fit 280 bodygrip traps, however with less tension adjustment.
Order #TER1
$2.80 - Each
Order #TER6
$15.00 - Half dozen
Order #TER12
$23.50 - Dozen
Sullivan's Trap Pan Tester
This handy tool is used to measure to pan tension on your trap. Takes out all the guesswork!
Order #SPT
$15.95 - Each
Trap pan tester
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