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by Kenn Johnson

    It was the end of a great week of elk hunting and trapping, had the trailer loaded up, the wires jerry rigged to get home in the dark, and some fur to show to my mentor!  Id caught my first beaver of the season,shot a ermine with my pistol,and ate elk and deer steaks till I'd had enough.  It was time to hit the road,thats when the fun began....
    I was driving down the road near the south fork lodge in swan valley idaho, when I saw a nice coon dead in the road!  My wife has always told me to leave that road kill alone, but its hard to pass up a freebie!  Besides, I'd never skinned a coon!  I ran back in the dark to fetch the poor beggar, I didn’t see any bones poking out or any bad tire marks, so into the back of the  truck he went.
    Pulling into a truck stop closer to home I called my buddy and asked him if he was still in the shed so he could give me some pointers on how coon are put up.  I should have known I was in trouble when he laughed and said he would stay in the shed til I got there!  I looked that coon over in the light of the truck stop, mighty fine coon, so back into the truck and away to the fur shed.
    I pulled into the yard and started getting some things out of the rig.  I had a beaver to stretch and I wanted to show him my ermine.  I grabbed that coon and with my hands full, I figured I'd just take a shortcut over the tongue of the truck.  Bad idea!  I got my foot tangled in all the wires that were hooked up to my trailer!  There I was with a beaver and a ermine in one hand, and a coon in the other, one foot with wires all over it, and no way to get undone.  I dropped that coon on the ground at my feet.  EEEOW,he turned his head and opened his mouth right next to my foot, so I stepped on his neck with my foot that was on the ground, and tried to figure out what to do next!  That's when my buddy pokes his head out the door of his shed and asks, "what are you doing?"  I simply told him, "I have a little problem.”
    He came out and looked behind my truck at what was going on and said, "yep, you have a problem", and he turned and went back into the shed!  A couple of seconds later he poked his head back out and said, "Just keep standing on him."  I laughed and told him not to worry, I will..
    He showed me how to put up coons, but I never have become a coon trapper.   I just can’t seem to get into it, and I don’t know why!