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Mission Statement
As we have inherited our great trapping heritage, so too have we inherited the responsibility of carrying out our wonderful sport in an ethical manner.  Through education of today's trappers, our goal is to provide the information necessary for them to carry through on this responsibility. 
Our goal is also to provide the information necessary to enable the novice trapper to learn the techniques of constructing sets, humanely dispatching animals, fur handling, etc.  This will be done primarily through the input of the many experienced trappers out there interested in the education of our young trappers.
Our goal is to encourage today's trappers to join their national, and state trapping associations. By joining these organizations, we strengthen our numbers for battle against those who would take this great sport from us.  We have many battles ahead in the legislative arena and these organizations need more than just our money.  It's imperative that we show the public who we are and the good we are doing for the wildlife.   Always keep in mind that we are the true protectors of wildlife and the wild places in which the animals live. 
Our goal is to keep the sport of trapping alive to pass on to the next generation by keeping the trapper abreast of any impending legislation that may threaten our sport and suggest the proper action the trapper can take on any such legislation.
Our goal here is to teach trappers.  In the pursuit of educating trappers, we respectfully request that no anti trapping rhetoric or any such input that does not promote the education of trappers in the ethics and techniques of trapping be posted. 
Paul Dobbins 

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