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"Dedicated to the men and women, who have passed on before us, that have
known the passion of a Trapper for wildlife and the land on which  he/she has

Spirit of The Trapper
             by Ted Pepps

Some have a hard time understanding what a trapper is all about
They say, "he is definitely one thing nature could do without"
If those people only knew of the things that make his heart run
They would see new horizons with the coming of each morning's sun
From the swamps to the mountains he has roamed
Out of site, he disappears like a bobcat lying prone
Ready to pounce on a new life
Ready to blaze a trail towards his heavenly home
Somewhere far beyond a mortal mans prying eyes
A place where he will fall asleep to the coyotes ancient lullabies
On his journey, he remembers the ways of the Wise Men
The all but forgotten legendary trappers that trained him so well
On his trip beyond the Great Divide, he is blessed with the fond memories of working in the Grand Cathedral
The place where one must go in order to find his soul and be at one with the Creator
Back to the days, his mind soon finds him running
Settin' steel in the ground on a cool mountain morning
His heart is at ease as he thinks of all the beautiful creatures upon the canyon rim
Just reminicin' of the birds chirpin' and the gray fox a growlin' makes his face crack a jovial grin
Down into the rivers that carried his life giving blood, the otters play and mink scurry about
This gives him satisfaction in knowing that his life had clout
Clout, in that physically, he was once part of The Circle of Life
A precious, sacred membership
A sense of belonging that few men ever find
For a trapper, is a part of God's Majestic Creation, like the Native
Americans of Olden Times
Some refer to the coyote as "God's Dog"
It must be so
For within the coyote, lies the foundation of a trapper's soul
Have you ever looked into the eyes of the coyote and been marveled by the light inside
The awesome spectrum you are seeing is the trapper's fire burning bright in his partner's eyes
And although he is no longer here on earth, the old trapper's campfire will be burning
Illuminating in the eyes of the coyote as a guide for a young man to follow his sign
So he may one day ignite his own torch and cut tracks into the freedom between Earth and the Heavenly Sky's
A place where the spirits of all the trapper's before him lie
The place that a trapper calls home
Wherever the coyote roams
There, he will answer his mothers call
The Call Of The Wild