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Cotton's Tale
by Anthony Jonas

Well let me tell you about my beaver trapline, we got so many beaver that they line up at castor mounds and fight to see who gets caught. Just the other day I found two in the same trap one was in the number one long and the other was still trying to get him out of the way so he could get in it.

When I go for beaver I take my traps and walk on the creek banks and just drop a trap where I want to catch a big one and use my killer lure, old gym socks and shorts wet down with corn juice. The beaver line up for miles to get at the lure. Maybe it’s the corn that gets em so happy.

Many trappers want my lure but a guy only has so many socks to use you know.Now the corn juice you can find about any where if you look hard, just stay out of mine. And a lot of guys want my lastest invention but I can’t give it out yet, used in the right  way it will let you peel a beaver in five minutes, just pour it in the water and all beaver in there will grow a zipper on their bellies and you just unzip em.

Well that’s enuff bout the beavers, I got to tell you about our muskrats. They are as big as groundhogs and thicker than fleas on a poodle’s back. Why just now I pulled in 50 out of 51 traps and skinned all of em on the way home so I could eat supper and not have to wait all cold and wet , the wife don’t let me in the house much when trapping season is open.

Went otter trapping the other day and I just don’t see what is so hard about it . I was scouting for a place to set some traps and saw a otter swimming up the creek so I jumped in and we went around and around for a while and I grabbed him by the legs and pulled him out of the creek, gave him a whack on the head and peeled him right there.

I hear a lot about coon trapping out west and they aint got much on us we have coons here that will go a hunderd pounds and we can catch 75 a night easy. Now I only keep the boars and always let the sows loose, it sure is fun grabing those 90 pound sow by the necks and letting them out of my 0 longs.

Well I better go now and hit the straw, hope the hounds will move over so I can get all the way in the dog house tonight. I got fox traps to check  in the morning and it takes a lot of rest to be able to carry those 50 pound reds back to the truck you know.

 Just one last thing ya’ll should all ways remember, All trappers are liars but me and you and some times I wonder about you .