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What a Christmas
by Matt Davis

     It was christmas eve morning.  I woke up to a sound down stairs.  It was my dad of course I went down and we ate breakfeast together. We talked about what we might have in our traps this morning.  We were always hoping for a fox or a coyote.  We also didnt really think we would have anything becuase it was a full moon that last night and people say that foxes dont come out on full moons.
     So we went did our run and it came down to the last set.We went unlocked the gate, and dad let me drive the truck up the dirt rode this morning. I went around the corner and got a quick glimpse of a set of eyes as the headlights flashed by the set.  I turned the truck at an angle to look at the set, and low and behold there was a fox huddled down low looking at us.  I jumped out of the truck gave my dad a big high five and walked up to the fox.  He  killed it and I got the trap off its foot and carried it over my shoulder back to the truck.
    We brought it home and took pictures.  We brought it to a friend to help us skin it and we brought it home.It stayed on the strecher until after chirstmas day.  The day we took it off we were heading down to Mass for christmas with the rest of my family.  I brought it down and showed then and they had never seen anything like it.  I still have that fur and will never give it up.  I will remember that day forever and hope to have many more to come.