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Thinkin Spot
by Delbert Ryan

ALONG time ago a old man came to this spot.

HE sat on a rock and just took it all in.as he sat there he thought about his life past,present,and future.after awhile a otter came down the stream,it spotted the old man.and started to chatter at him.the old man had spent alot of time in the outdoors and he had learned years ago how to talk to a otter.he started to chatter back at the otter.it chattered back at the old man.the old man smiled and laughed.after,awhile the otter left.
after,the otter left the old man got to thinking about how that otter was like the many people he had met over the years.some had stopped for a few minutes,others had pulled up a chair and stayed awhile.but,in the end they had all moved on.
the old man sat there for alittle longer.he wasn,t in any hurry.he had lived a full life and had no reason to rush anymore.
he did have things he needed to get taken care of tho.thats how he ended up at this spot.he had found it years ago.he had returned to get rid of those things that troubled him.he knew the healing power a place like this had.
he thought about what was bothering him.as he figured each one out,he grabbed ahold of it and tossed it in the stream.to be washed away forever.
when all was taken care of he sat on that rock and just listened to the wind blow thur the evergreen trees.to him it was like angels whispering.
he had always wondered what life was really all about.way to many things had happened to him over the years.he never believed this life was all of it.he believed this life was just a learning experience for something better.he knew there was much more waiting for him. maybe,these really where angels talking.
when,he got up to leave he saw it had started to rain.he had gotten so into thinking he didn,t notice.at first he was kinda sad.,because he had gotten wet.then,a feeling of peace came over him.
he wasn,t wet or cold anymore.he had a warm feeling in his heart and that rain had washed him clean.plus,the stream had taken away his troubles.
as he turned around to leave it felt like somebody had opened a door for him and he stepped off and headed up the trail like a young man.