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          Why Do We Do Trapping ?


       David "Pelts" Simmons

        Why do we do trapping?  Ain’t no mystery.
        I’m sure most of us have our own theory.

        The old timers told us trapping is great,
   When we’re out on the trap line,
     It’ll make our blood cells circulate.

         It’s good for our lungs and great for our tickers.
        It gets you in shape and there’s nothing quicker.

   Feels so healthy and feels so sweet,
        Driving in stakes and making sets complete.

      Trapping sharpens up our minds,
        Moulds the muscles and firms our form.
        You pant like a K9 and sweat up a storm.

          It keeps us youthful and really keeps us loose,
           It tightens up our tummies and shrinks our caboose.

            Sure beats being sluggish.
            Sure gets us in condition.

          Why do we do trapping?
           What a wonderful old tradition!