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Cool Mornings


Tom "The Grit Guy"

Cool mornings, Brisk days
Colorful Mountains, River Banks

 Canyons in Mist, Low Clouds In Fall
Leaves are down, Water now Ice

Scents now float, Tools have been found
Steel in the ground, Cable is all hung

Wildlife now moves, Always they must
We move after, believing our trust

Breaths now hard, As labors grow
Baskets get heavy, Legs are weary

Snow does cover, as Winter arrives
Travel is tough, Not one gives up

Stretchers now full, The fire does glow
Fur on Hangers, Such a Great Sight

Memories made new, Old shine thru
Young have learned, Past has shown true

Birds now sing, Must be Spring
Selling now done, Wait has begun

A heritage we live, One we pass on
Trapping for us is never done