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Trapper Talk (272 viewing) 41269 658291
Re: Looks kinda small,,,...
(canvasback) - 26 seconds ago
ADC Forum (5 viewing)
This forum is for sharing information on ADC work.
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Re: Groundhogs around a ba...
(22mag) - 39 minutes 8 seconds ago
Wilderness Trapping and Living (12 viewing)
This is a forum for our trapping brothers and sisters in the last frontier to post about their trapping and living experiences.
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Re: Eclipse
(Tikchik Gulo) - Today at 08:04 PM
Fur Buyers Directory
This is a "read" only forum that will act as a directory of Fur Buyers. Fur Buyers email me your contact info and I will post it on the Directory.
Moderator: Drifter, wissmiss
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Kentucky, Campbellsville -...
(Paul Dobbins) - 03/21/14 07:33 AM
Trapping Only (51 viewing)
This forum is for Trapping only topics.
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Re: made some k9 bait toda...
(Mitch L) - 8 minutes 52 seconds ago
Kids Forum (5 viewing)
This is the forum where young trappers have a place to interact with other young trappers.
Moderator: 2poor, Bogmaster, tmrschessie
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Re: Turkey hunting......
(NFT) - Today at 02:13 PM
International Trappers Forum (2 viewing)
This forum is for trappers outside North America to be used to show animals and techniques used to trap animals in their countries.
Moderator: ate
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Re: africa two weeks
(SULLDOG) - Today at 07:08 AM
Fur Sales Directory
This forum will be the Fur Sales Directory. It will be a read only forum and any input to the forum will be made through Wissmiss via PM.
Moderator: wissmiss
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Private Thread
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Health Issues
This forum is for the discussion of health issues we trappers face. It can be anything from the common cold to cancer.
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Re: Cancer and lifestyle
(Catmando83) - 04/15/14 06:59 PM
Wildcrafting (1 viewing)
This forum is to be used to discuss collecting/sale/growing/handling (etc) of roots, herbs and mushrooms.
Moderator: don Wolf, ohbuyer II
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Re: Goldenseal diggers
(ClayMs) - Today at 02:07 PM
Auction Forum #2
This is another auction forum in support of charitable causes and fundraisers.
Moderator: Jtrapper, wheelers
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Re: Payment Information on...
(Okiekajun) - 03/24/14 02:27 PM
Pics of Trapperman members can be viewed here.
Moderator: Cindy
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elksprings Idaho
(Cindy) - 02/19/14 05:07 PM
Convention and Meeting Notices
This forum is for posting convention and meeting notices that use to be tacked to the main Trapper Talk forum.
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Re: 20 th Orwell Pa.Antiq...
(Bruce1) - 03/30/14 07:20 AM
Legislative Alerts
This forum is for the notification and discussion of legislative actions that may affect our trapping heritage.
Moderator: Drifter, Paul Dobbins
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Re: ban on lead bullets
(hoytbowman) - 03/06/14 04:03 PM
Cooking on the Wild Side (1 viewing)
This forum is for an online cookbook of our favorite wild game recipes.
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Re: ***Hey CJ'STrapping***
(OutdoorDad) - 04/04/14 01:09 AM
Trapper's Humor (1 viewing)
These pages are for storing the tasteful humorous stories found in posts on the Trapper Talk forum.
Moderator: Drifter
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Re: Have goofy emails scre...
(Laurel Mtman2) - 07/12/10 10:41 AM
Auction Forum
This forum is to be used for charitable fund raisers. This is not to be used by members for personal or business sales. Auctions must be approved by Paul Dobbins.
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Re: Payment Information /P...
(Montana Trapper) - 03/19/14 10:19 PM
The Pen and Quill
This forum is for aspiring writers to place their works. This can be used to put poems, stories, and other literary works you've written. You can ask to have it critiqued, or just post it for fun.
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I donno yet..
(nay5) - Today at 01:32 PM
Archives contain threads that have been kept because of their value for education or interest.
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Trap Preparation Archives
This is a "read" only archive of posts of value related to getting traps ready for the trapline. Subject matter includes, dying, waxing, adjusting, modifying, etc. This forum also includes building snares.
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Re: Needed For Archives
(RiversNorth13) - 12/11/13 02:39 PM
General Trapping Archive (2 viewing)
This forum is a "read" only forum where posts of value have been saved for future reference as it pertains to General Trapping.
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(Wybctp) - 03/31/14 09:37 PM
Land Trapping Archive (3 viewing)
This forum is a "read" only forum where posts of value have been saved for future reference as it pertains to Land trapping.
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Re: Frozen ground trap bed...
(Tactical.20) - 12/09/13 05:44 PM
Water Trapping Archive
This forum is a "read" only forum where posts of value have been saved for future reference as it pertains to water trapping.
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Re: what do your pocket se...
(Jim Blakley) - 03/08/13 07:18 AM
Lures, Baits and Urine Archive (1 viewing)
This forum is a "read" only forum where posts of value have been saved for future reference as it pertains to Lures, Baits and Urine.
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Re: Coyote glands
(Trapper Geer) - 12/02/13 10:31 PM
Fur Handling Archive
This is a "read" only archive. This will be used to store information of value gleaned from posts on Fur Handling.
Moderator: Barkstone, tmrschessie
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Re: Getting blood out of d...
(Tactical.20) - 02/19/14 10:07 PM
Animal Damage Control Archive (1 viewing)
This forum is for saving informative posts about Animal Damage Control.
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Re: Another bat valve tuto...
(traprjohn) - 03/10/12 08:14 AM
Wilderness Trapping and Living Archive
This read-only forum is to store valuable posts from the Wilderness Trapping and Living forum once the posts have run their course.
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Re: Trigger positioning?
(alaska viking) - 12/06/13 10:48 AM
Computer Stuff Archive
This forum is for archiving posts about how to do things, and solve problems with computers.
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Re: Good Feedback
(elkguy) - 08/28/13 09:19 PM
Mira's Nuggets
This is a read only forum where Mira Trapper's posts about the idiocy of the anti's will be archived.
Moderator: tmrschessie
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Re: Urgent request to prot...
(Mira Trapper) - 09/02/10 04:45 AM