For The Memories


Johnathan Fegley

The morning dew and evening mist
we love this smell, you get the jist

Nothing better than freezing pain
or warm sun shines and evening rain

The smell of bait or a wet raccoon
or the sight of a catch circle during a full moon

Rusty traps on our shed wall
and so much work before fall

Piles of traps, stakes and slide wires
and the smell of walnuts over open fires

A father and son on the bank of a river
The smell of castor and rotted deer liver

The fullness of stretchers after numerous catches
and the sight of black traps hanging in batches

We trap for what? We all have our reasons
For memories we have of all the past seasons

Fathers, sons and sometimes their daughters
trudging along in freezing cold waters

Years go by and things seem to fade
but I’ll always remember the sets dad and I made