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Making a Snare
Courtesy of Jim Roberts (Trapper 66)
Making your own snares can be the best way to go if you do much snaring.  Shown below are step by step instructions on how to make snares and washer locks using 3/32 cable.

Material for making snare and tool cutting snare cable

Picture below shows making the snare lock from a washer.  First step is to drill two holes opposit each other as shown.

The washer has to be bent 90 degrees as shown below.

Installing stop on the end of the cable (#10 nut) and installing the washer lock.

Photo below shows how to install a loop on the end of the cable opposite the lock.  This loop is what the snare will be secured with when setting the snare.

Photo below shows how to install a swivel to the end of the snare rather than a loop as was shown in the last photo.

Finished snare showing the lock installed on the snare, forming the loop.

Snares are a very good tool where they are legal to use.  If you're not sure if snares are legal to use in your area, check your regulations.