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#4221311 - 01/04/14 03:01 PM Kentucky Trapping
Castorblaster Offline

Registered: 01/01/14
Posts: 0
Loc: Illinois
I am going to be going to Kentucky in February for raccoons and am wondering what the best type of anchor to use there is? In illinois I have to use very long earth anchors because the soil is so sandy. I will be in the western parts of the state and obviously don't want to be losing coons because my anchors aren't long enough etc. Anyone that has trapped in these areas with any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks. also forgot to mention that the majority of my trapping will be on land and using dp's.

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#4222025 - 01/04/14 08:02 PM Re: Kentucky Trapping [Re: Castorblaster]
Ironman Offline

Registered: 09/16/07
Posts: 20
Loc: Ferguson ky
I run Berkshire on 15 inch cable. I have only lost one trap. There are some soft muddy spots but your sandy setup should be okay. FYI- the coons here in February are starting to rub pretty bad. Good luck and be safe.

#4222038 - 01/04/14 08:05 PM Re: Kentucky Trapping [Re: Castorblaster]
Knox6-0 Offline

Registered: 02/02/10
Posts: 7
Loc: Mississippi/Kentucky/Indiana
Most any of the disposables will hold, unless your right on the river bank after a heavy rain. I'm guessing you're on a vacation trip, because the quality is pretty hit and miss in February on coons.

#4222058 - 01/04/14 08:11 PM Re: Kentucky Trapping [Re: Knox6-0]
Matt Jones Offline

Registered: 08/10/11
Posts: 408
Loc: Kentucky
those stakes will be fine, your coon hides will not after about the 20th of this month. lots of beaver and otter here and cats, they look fine cept the beaver might be a bit ...bit


#4222151 - 01/04/14 08:44 PM Re: Kentucky Trapping [Re: Matt Jones]
EdP Offline

Registered: 03/04/12
Posts: 42
Loc: paducah, kentucky
I took quite a few coons last Feb and the vast majority, to my surprise, were undamaged. That was not the case at all the year before. In 2012 the Feb coons were hard to come by and most were damaged. Don't know what to expect this year.

If you are going to use DPs then wire or cable them to a log or downed branch heavy enough to anchor the coon and put them where the coon can't get to anything else that will help it pull out. Small trees and roots along ditches work good too. There is seldom any reason to use stakes or cable anchors with DPs but they will certainly work.

#4222154 - 01/04/14 08:46 PM Re: Kentucky Trapping [Re: Castorblaster]
Richard Cates Offline

Registered: 12/31/10
Posts: 172
Loc: KY
Feb a little late to get after the coon here.