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#3751276 - 04/09/13 11:49 AM Trap Values?
Huntin SD Offline

Registered: 05/11/12
Loc: SD 16 y/o
I got some #2 longs, and found some ones I don't know if they are users or not. I can text or email more pics, but not post them. (stupid iPod)
First one is a cast jaw victor, all it says is victor and the number 2 on the pan. Quite rusty with some pitting. A little hard to see the pan.

The next one is also an Oneida victor made in niagrara falls Canada. This is in like new condition, with hardly any rust. Pan is quite easy to read and strong. Looks like Simone bought it and put it in their basement.

Another one is a triumph 2 it's pan is readable without pitting, it appears to have bbeen dyed and has weak springs.

Lastly is a diamond 22 double jaw it is quite rusty and the pan is pitted I can make out brand and 22. Maybe more with a tooth brush cleaning.

Just wanna know if these are users or if they have collector value
I can smell the fall in the air!!!

#3751496 - 04/09/13 02:25 PM Re: Trap Values? [Re: Huntin SD]
wissmiss Offline

Registered: 01/06/07
Loc: north Idaho
Trap 1 - probably is an older Victor that does not have a V cut out of the pan. If it wasn't pitted it might have some collector value. As it is, probably worth less than $10.00

Trap 2 - definately a collector. Made in Canada adds the value. Based on condition, I would say $20.00 to $25.00

Trap 3 - triumph traps were last made in 1933. The weak springs don't help the value and make it less than desirable as a user trap. There are several different models, so would need more info to give a value.

Trap 4 - diamond traps were made from 1923 until 1931. In nice condition, it would have collector value. Based on what you've posted, maybe in the $10.00 range.